Institutional and Legal Structure

EDAM brings together a network of members from multiple sectors of Turkish society including academia, civil society, media and business. This diversified representation enables EDAM to create a productive and effective platform through which different visions and perspectives can interact.

The administrative and internal operations of EDAM are carried out by an Executive Board comprised of 16 members. An Advisory Board including both Turkish and European opinion leaders supports the activities and projects of the Centre. EDAM also employs a number of permanent professional staff.

EDAM accepts project-based funding, matching grants and institutional donations in order to carry out its projects. Additionally, EDAM undertakes joint projects and research with various civil society and international organizations on the basis of the principle of shared funding.

EDAM is affiliated with international networks and news portals such as Europe’s World, ISN ETH Zurich, EurActiv and is an active member of European wide think-tank network EPIN based in Brussels.