Nuclear Energy and Security

Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM)

The CPPNM establishes measures related to the prevention, detection and punishment of offenses relating to nuclear material. It is the only international legally binding agreement in the area of the physical protection of nuclear material. The Convention was adopted in October 1979, and came into force on 8 February 1987.

In July 2005, a conference was convened to amend and make stronger the CPPNM’s provisions. The new provisions make it legally binding for States Parties to protect nuclear facilities and material in peaceful domestic use, storage as well as transport. The new amendments also provide for expanded cooperation between states for the recovery of stolen or smuggled nuclear material, and to mitigate the consequences of nuclear sabotage.

Adopted 26 October 1979
Turkey signed on 23 August 1983
The Parliament ratified the Convention on 7 August 1986

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Convention on Nuclear Safety

The Convention was adopted in Vienna on 17 June 1994. It aims to legally commit Participating States operating land based nuclear power plants to maintain a high level of safety standards in accordance with a set of benchmarks derived mainly from the IAEA Safety Fundamentals document on The Safety of Nuclear Installations. The obligations include siting, design, construction, operation, the availability of adequate financial and human resources, the assessment and verification of safety, quality assurance and emergency preparedness.

Adopted on 17 June 1984
Turkey signed the Convention on 24 September 1994
Turkey ratified the Convention on 14 September 1995

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Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management

The Convention is the first legal instrument to address spent fuel and radioactive waste management on a global scale. The Joint Convention is aimed at achieving and maintaining a high level of safety in spent fuel and radioactive waste management. The Convention covers the safety of spent fuel and radioactive waste management from civilian applications, and also applies to the management of military or defense-originated spent fuel and radioactive waste if and when such materials are transferred permanently to and managed within exclusively civilian programs.

Opened for signature on 29 September 1997
Entered into force on 18 June 2001
Turkey has not signed the Convention

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