About Us

The Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) is an Istanbul based independent think-tank. EDAM’s main areas of research are:

  • Foreign policy and security,
  • Turkey-EU relations,
  • Energy and climate change policies
  • Economics and globalization,
  • Arms control & Non-proliferation,
  • Cyber policy.

EDAM aims to contribute to the policy making process within and outside Turkey by producing and disseminating research on the policy areas that are shaping Turkey’s position within the emerging global order. In addition to conducting research in these fields, EDAM organizes conferences and roundtable meetings. Additionally, EDAM cooperates with numerous domestic and international to conduct joint-research and publications.

EDAM continues to be ranked amongst the best think tanks in Turkey in global think tank rankings. In the latest ranking by the University of Pennsylvania EDAM has been the only Turkish think tank that made it into 8 different categories. EDAM was ranked the 9th best think tank in the MENA region, the 15th top defense and national security think tank internationally, and 9th in the best think tank conference list.